Winter 2021


Sunday, March 7, 2021

11:47PM PST

Doctor Visit

-March 7, 2021 11:51PM PST: Darcy is driving Mom to Doctors Medical Center in Modesto (Mom’s choice)

Doctors Medical Center Emergency Room
1441 Florida Avenue, Modesto, CA 95350

Directions: From Arnold, head back down HWY4 West to Farmington (54 miles/one hour)
Go south (left) at Escalon-Bellota Road (4-way stop in Farmington)
After passing through city of Escalon road becomes McHenry Ave. Stay on McHenry Road to Modesto. After mall with Safeway and Chipotle go right on West Granger Ave. Left on Florida Ave and you’re there. (19 miles/half hour)

-March 7, 2021 Darcy writes: “I drove to her this evening and am here now for the night and most of tomorrow. She seems fine, exhausted but fine. I told her we’d assess her situation in the morning and get advice from all y’all about whether she should go to the doctor.”

-March 7, 2021 Darcy writes: Ok, quick update. I called mom this afternoon to let her know I was thinking about swinging by her house to deliver the chainsaw she seems to really need and she thought I was Maria at first. She sounded awful and said she’d had a rough night. Turns out, self diagnosed, she had another heart attack last night.

Snow Storm

-February 26, 2021 Mom writes: “The job is going great! The area over the garage which was the most  complicated is complete as well as the deck. The roof is ready for the shingles to be put down. They have been delivered and ready for the installer. No rain in the forecast until late next week, bright and sunny again today. Bill is up on the roof now waiting for the shingle man  who just happens to have his own Avalanche snowboard in his closet waiting for his 2 year old son to grow up to use it. Small world again! Harley is coming at 3 today to help with the debris, I have mountains of limbs. And still a lot of snow. I just got a long letter from Ron, then a long phone call, we both are doing family history while we can remember 😊, Love,Mom”

-February 17, 2021, Wednesday, 12:20PM Mom writes: “Bill and a co-worker are up on the roof now repairing and yesterday Bill found matching shingles in San Andreas so no long distance to pick! Next, the hospital just called and I get my first vaccine at 3:45 TODAAAAY!!!  Also in San Andreas. Things are going together on this bright sunny day!”

Happy Birthday Kara!

-February 14, 2021 Sunday   Mom’s contractor Bill Tobiassen has delivered his estimate and it has been sent to Dusty at The Hartford insurance company.

-February 10, 2021, Wednesday, 4:00pm Dustin from the insurance company writes: “Thank you for the update. There is no rush on our account. We certainly want to address the damages as soon as possible, though we understand that Mother Nature gets in the way sometimes. Once I get the report I should be able to get it reviewed and then get any payments issued shortly thereafter. No hard time limits should it take some time to fully assess the damages. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns at any time.”

-February 10, 2021 Wednesday, 12:30pm Mom writes: “We have a great snow melting day today!!   I have been shoveling and limb  pickup while I can.    The roof  area over the bedrooms  is almost clear now but the area over the garage is still about 18” deep.   Bill can not give an all clear  as far as the damages are  all found.     Both part time neighbors will be here Saturday to check on their houses and have asked if I could have access to my driveway and possibly a trail to their homes.     Harley came yesterday after work and chain sawed the big cedar in  the driveway and cut up 2 buckets of kindling as well.    So now I can clear the 2nd side of my driveway,   and get rid of the 6’ berms.         I love all this outside work with very blue skies today. Rain for tomorrow.”

-February 9, 2021 Hartford Insurance contacted Chris about progress on repair estimate. Bill Tobaissen has done a preliminary inspection last Saturday, but there was still too much snow to complete the estimate. He will return when the snow is removed.

-Thursday, 4:37pm Mom writes that contractor friend Bill Tobiassen will be helping her through the repair along with roofer Juan Estrada. As roofers always say, “Things are looking up.”

-Thursday, 9:30am Mom reports that she has her power on and Maria and Tom are on their way back to Arizona. Thank you for all your help! Mom says she could not have done it without you.

She also said the man who bought Maria and Tom’s house fell off the roof while inspecting for damage and had to be airlifted to a hospital in the valley. Welcome to the mountains. Hope he recovers quickly.

-Wednesday, 11:20am Maria reports power is back at Mom’s house.

-Wednesday, Feb 3, 2021 11:00am: Maria is at Mom’s. She has contacted a roof repair company and  tree removal team. Also sent new photos of the damage below. Pretty severe.

-Wednesday, 11:30am There is light snow at Bear Valley. The forecast through the weekend looks mostly sunny.
For a look at the current weather at Bear Valley ski resort, visit: Bear Valley Basecam

-Tuesday, Feb 2, 2021 afternoon: Chris talked to Mom by cell phone Tuesday afternoon. She sounded good and her signal strength was excellent. She still has some ongoing leakage inside since it was raining at the time. She didn’t have power which is a problem especially since she has an electric hot water heater. No hot showers.

The insurance ok’d her to get bids for snow and tree removal and repairs. Maria has a roofing contractor in mind.

-Mom’s phone is up and running. Give it a try: 209-286-9280‬

-Harley and friends have joined Maria and Tom back at Mom’s house to shovel snow off the roof and prepare the damage for the upcoming snow and rain. Check out the photos below to see the severity of the storm and damage.

-Insurance company has been notified and has started the claim process. Contact information below.
Everybody save your receipts.

February 3, 2021

Maria’s photos of the major damage.

I Live Downtown
I Live Downtown

January 31, 2021

Maria sent photos of the situation. Notice the snow is a high as the back deck window.

I Live Downtown
I Live Downtown
I Live Downtown
I Live Downtown
I Live Downtown
I Live Downtown
I Live Downtown
I Live Downtown
I Live Downtown
I Live Downtown
I Live Downtown
I Live Downtown
I Live Downtown
I Live Downtown


To group email all family on the list, tap here.

cell: 209-286-9280‬
home: 209-753-0113‬‬
3763 Fairway Drive, Arnold CA 95223
PO Box 2605, Arnold CA 95223

3311 N. 108th Lane, Avondale AZ 85392

1340 Bush St, Angels Camp CA 95222

PO Box 271, Hathaway Pines CA 95233

12373 Windsor Drive, Yucaipa Ca 92399

153 Escobar Ave, Los Gatos CA 95032

352 Laurel Ave, Pacific Grove CA 93950

352 Laurel Ave, Pacific Grove CA 93950

12750 Fielding Rd, Lake Oswego OR 97034

PO Box 4418, Carmel CA 93921

2751 N Springfield St,  Orange CA 92867

PO Box 4418, Carmel CA 93921


Doctors Medical Center Emergency Room
1441 Florida Avenue, Modesto, CA 95350

Francine Olugbode, Inside Claim Rep
The Hartford Insurance Company

Dustin (Dusty) Noble
Virtual Property Claims Representative, The Hartford
Catastrophe Claims Operation
P.O. Box 14271, Lexington KY 40512

Roof Repair
Ariate Roofing‭
Juan Estrada

General Repair
Bill Tobiassen
Contractor friend in Arnold estimating the repairs

Let me know if any information is incorrect. Thanks!