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Short Term Rental Appeal

Carmel City Council :: September 1, 2020

Hi Neighbors,

Remember last year when we finally hammered out a compromise between our residents, business owners, Carmel City Council, the Coastal Commission and out-of-town landlords to place a limit on the number of short-term rentals (i.e. Airbnb) in downtown Carmel?

Tonight, a landlord on Dolores SE of 7th is appealing the Planning Commission’s denial of their request for a short-term rental permit.

It appears the new owner was under the impression that he could use the condo as a short-term rental, but the property has restrictions which prohibit that sort of commercial use. So, the Planning Commission said, “No.”

The whole point of the work we did is to protect our community from an onslaught of short-term rentals, even though more than 40 were grandfathered in.

The Planning Commission’s concern is clear–if the door is opened for one, more will follow.

This evening, September 1, City Council will review the Planning Department’s the landlord’s appeal. They will take public comment via call-in, which is arguably more pleasant than waiting in City Hall to speak at the the podium. Plus City Hall doesn’t allow cocktails.

To get the call-in phone number and PIN, visit Carmel City Council Meetings around 4pm this afternoon.

If calling in isn’t your thing, you can email your thoughts to 

City Council meetings usually start around 4pm the first Tuesday of each month. To watch the meeting live, visit: Carmel City Council Meetings.

To read the Planning Department response to the appeal, visit: Carmel City Planning Department Report and Recommendation

I Live Downtown Carmel

Planning Commission Findings & Recommendation

“No commercial use shall be operated from any second story unit within this project. No unit shall be partitioned, divided, or subdivided to create more than the 2 units authorized by this permit. No unit shall be leased, subleased, occupied, rented, or let for, or in connection with, any time-sharing or time interval ownership agreement. No unit may be rented, leased, subleased, or otherwise made available for remuneration to any person or persons for any period of time of 30 consecutive calendar days or less.

“Staff recommends that the City Council deny the appeal and uphold the Planning Commission’s decision to deny the Business License and Use Permit Amendment applications subject to the Findings for Denial in Attachment 9. The transient rental use is prohibited by the current Use Permit conditions, and the required findings to amend the Use Permit cannot be made in the affirmative.”

Attachment 9